What Is The Sour Patch Mystery Flavor


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Does Sour Patch Kids have a mystery flavor?

For the first time ever, the SOUR PATCH KIDS brand is introducing an all-new mystery flavor and is inviting Canadians to play “detective” for a chance to win $25,000. Here’s a look at the Sour Patch Kids Mystery Flavor Canada contest.

Can you guess the Twizzlers mystery flavor with Sour Patch Kids?

So if you feel like you've figured out the Twizzlers mystery flavor and want to turn your candy clairvoyance into a chance to win money, look out for the Mystery Kid when Sour Patch Kids' mystery flavor goes on sale at retailers nationwide.

What does Green mean on Sour Patch Kids?

Green means go, meaning go away and find a better flavor. Lime is already not one of my favorite artificial flavors, but this lime kid is almost bland compared to the other flavors. However, I'll still eat green Sour Patch Kids because throwing away a Sour Patch Kid is such a waste.

What flavor is Sour Patch Kids Redberry swirl?

Sour Patch Kids ice cream, made by Dryers/Edys and introduced in 2018, mixes the flavor of lemon sorbet and vanilla ice cream with a Redberry swirl and actual chunks of blue Sour Patch Kids. “The Redberry Swirl is everything.
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