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Where can I find information about the United States?

Find data about the U.S., such as demographic and economic data, population, and maps. Get information about the 2020 U.S. Census. The United States Census Bureau provides data about the nation’s people and economy.

How do I find a list of network shares?

The easiest way to find a list of network shares is to use Windows Explorer. Go to Windows Search and search for Network. Or, open Windows File Explorer, go to the Folders pane, and select Network.

Is it Tell Me where I can find these books or tell?

Not an English major or anything but... "Tell me where I can find these books" is definitely correct and could be used in speech or text. You would probably put emphasis on the Tell when you say it. I have only heard the second in speech and it sounds like this...

How to find out my IP address?

How to Find out My IP Address 1 Open a web browser on a computer or device. 2 Visit Google. 3 Type "my ip" and search. 4 Find your public IP address. See More....
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