Where Do The Baeumler’s Live In Florida


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Where does the Baeumler family live on'House of Bryan'?

Four years ago, the Baeumler family marked the first season of House of Bryan by building a custom home in Oakville, Ontario. In the show's second season, viewers watched on as they built their majestic cottage on a rugged, northern island in House of Bryan: On The Rocks.

Are the baeumlers really living on an island?

While the Baeumlers are clearly living in paradise, island life has "been an adjustment" for the family who originally lived in Canada. Sarah explained some of the challenges to People.

Who are the baeumlers?

The Baeumlers are fairly new to the U.S. market, but they’re basically reality TV royalty in Canada where they’ve been winning over audiences with renovation shows for years, breaking into the scene with " House of Bryan " in 2010.

Where is Bryan Baeumler's resort now?

Baeumler, who has spent the better part of the last 18 months leading the renovation of a run-down resort on South Andros Island in the beautiful Bahamas, will have new insights to share when he appears on the HGTV Main Stage at the Vancouver Fall Home Show. Secondly, is Bryan Baeumler's Resort Open?
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